Carrier Pricing

We provide transparent pricing for carrier participation in the Tiemac Long Distance Load Interchange Marketplace (TLDLIM).
There are two separate pricing.● Pricing for the mandatory equipment we provide and have installed in each truck and the monthly usage associated with it based on the tractor and driver.● Pricing for each paired load we facilitate on the TLDLIM to the carrier. The carrier may provide its own load or may have Tiemac provide the load for pairing.
Note that the Camera system we install in a carrier's truck may save the carrier up to 10% on monthly carrier insurance premiums.


One Time cost for equipment & Installation$1,500

payable in 3 monthly installments of $500 each

  • $94.95 per month per tractor

  • $49.95 per month per driver

The equipment includes the computer system we provide and have installed in your truck as well as the camera system we provide and also have installed in each truck. 
The system also comes with an ELD and 4G/5G data plan capped at 8GB per month.
A minimum two-year commitment is required.
There is 10% discount on the one-time installation cost for fleets greater than 5 trucks.
We also provide a referral bonus of $500 per fleet referral

Paired Loads


per load

  • 5.5% of the load rate for carrier own loads

  • 9.5% of the load rate for loads provided by Tiemac

A minimum of 2 paired loads per week per carrier account is required. 
The commission rates include the factoring cost. Payout on paired loads is usually made within 2-3 business days.
The large enterprise brokers we currently work with include the following:
JB HuntSwift Knight TransportationAmazon RelayXPO LogisticsCH RobinsonLandstarUber FreightConvoyIntegrity ExpressWerner Enterprise