AI - POZArtificial Intelligence for process optimization

AI-POZ uses sensor data to feed machine learning models to optimize processes

AI - POZ is built on a digital twin of an operation

Delivering actionable insights into your process with AI 

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    In today's connected world, almost every process and or system is wired with sensors of some kind establishing an Internet of Things (IoT) network around each process or system. 
    Tiemac provides a platform that gives a digital twin of the IoT network around a process or system and use the real streaming data from the sensors to pipe into machine learning (ML) models developed for each unique process or system providing actionable insights for process optimization.

Advantages of AI-POZ

Perceptive augmentation

AI – POZ solution gathers, analyses, and combines various data streams in real time to bring quick benefits operationally. 
AI – POZ facilitates the building of virtual sensors to match operational realities.

Intelligent controllers

AI – POZ provides enhancing capabilities to controllers, such as linear and non-linear MPCs or fuzzy, with the use of virtual models of processes through digital twins. 
Th digital twins of the process enables search for controller’s optimum parameters, leading to more stable processes. This leads to achieving higher production and quality levels or decreasing energy consumption.

Adaptive Dynamism

Actionable processes are generally by nature nonlinear and time-varying: Actions taken in the past that were optimal to achieve specific goals may be suboptimal or even inefficient for the current state. 
AI – POZ with its ML models continuously adapts to changing conditions in search of optimal operating parameters and targets leading to optimization goals.

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