Applied Artificial Intelligence for Business(AAIB)

AAIB - takes your data to find actionable insights for business improvement.

AAIB - uses structured and unstructured data to feed machine learning models to find actionable insights.

AAIB Digital Twin Platform - creates a virtual representation of systems that is updated in real-time using data from sensors in your operations.

Delivering actionable insights into processes with AI 

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    In today's big data and connected world, almost every process and or system generates a great deal of data and or is wired with sensors of some kind providing a platform for big data analysis and an Internet of Things (IoT) network around each process or system. 
    Tiemac provides a platform that gives a digital twin of the IoT network around a process or system and use the real streaming data from the sensors to pipe into machine learning (ML) models developed for each unique process or system providing actionable insights for process optimization.

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    Tiemac's solution around proof-of-concept testing enables customers to adopt an end-to-end approach in cost effectively evaluating Artificial Intelligence and more specifically, Machine Learning (ML) models, on their operations, existing investments, and upgrades. This approach is effective to determine how and quantify the potential benefits to accrue to an organization and how such AI models will achieve desired business objectives.
    Running ML models can be very compute intensive and using public cloud infrastructure may prove quite expensive. Public cloud infrastructures not only charge a base subscription cost, but they also charge for per minute usage on compute resources. Additionally, they often do not have the required machine learning software infrastructure immediately configured for your special needs.
    Tiemac's AAIB platform testing provides a fixed cost approach in which Tiemac provides knowledge, expertise and the physical platform bundled together as a service, to enable clients to test, Machine Learning models before large scale roll out.

Advantages of AAIB


Machine Learning Modeling

Tiemac's AAIB provides Machine Learning as a Service model. Before you commit to large scale AI, ML and IoT projects, we are your first engagement to test your projects in a pre-role out phase, to enable you to make the right decisions before making significant capital investments.
Tiemac's AAIB facilitates the building of virtual AI, ML and IoT labs, where we provide all the services, infrastructure and expertise to give you actionable insights.

AI/ML Consulting

Tiemac's AAIB consulting support allows you to work with us to look at potential projects you are considering. 
Tiemac's AAIB consulting is about helping you on the journey to finding what potential areas and or projects your organization should engage around to get the best outcomes for AI, ML and IoT implementations within your organization.

Perceptive augmentation

Tiemac's AAIB solution gathers, analyses, and combines various data streams in real time to bring quick benefits operationally. 
Tiemac's AAIB facilitates the building of virtual sensors to match operational realities.

Intelligent controllers

Tiemac's AAIB provides enhancing capabilities to controllers, such as linear and non-linear Model Predictive Controls (MPCs) or fuzzy systems, with the use of virtual models of processes through digital twins. 
The digital twin of the process enables search for controller’s optimum parameters, leading to more stable processes. This leads to achieving higher production and quality levels or decreasing energy consumption.

Data Engineering

Tiemac's AAIB Data Engineering Services is a collaborative approach to leveraging your organization's data assets. 
We collaborate with you to identify and leverage your big data, perform exploratory data analysis (EDA), and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) to build data warehouses for your AI/ML and IoT projects.

Adaptive Dynamism

Actionable processes are generally by nature nonlinear and time-varying: Actions taken in the past that were optimal to achieve specific goals may be suboptimal or even inefficient for the current state. 
Tiemac's AAIB with its ML models continuously adapts to changing conditions in search of optimal operating parameters and targets leading to optimization goals.

AI solutions for business

ML for process optimization

We specialize in Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) built on Apache Spark. We focus on PySpark, the Python API for Spark, which enables real-time, large-scale data processing in a distributed environment. Our core ML and DL solutions are built using common frameworks such as, TensorFlow, Keras, ML, and other scalable machine learning libraries that provide uniform sets of high-level APIs that help create and tune practical machine learning pipelines. We tangentially provide digital twins built with Node-Red infrastructure with IoT at the center and integrated with our ML pipeline solutions to build digital twins for scalable ML development of your business operations.

Want to learn more?

Tiemac offers a pilot program where we will deliver an end-to-end AAIB pilot solution and if the pilot solution does not meet the initial stated objectives there will be no cost to the customer.



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