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  • Strong Partner eco System

    We have one of the strongest partner eco system in the transportation space with a global footprint . We bring to the table both operational experience and the technology acumen to successfully serve our customers needs.

  • Integrated Services

    We provide the technology, platforms and an integrated operations for long haul transportation services, coupled with first and last mile mobility services.

  • Minority Certified

    We are a minority owned and minority certified business and we have years of experience in the transportation and logistic spaces with patent pending technology.

  • World-class Customer Service

    We operate in multiple countries and provide a seamless integration of our services with the logistics flow of customers needs to achieve optimal performance with customer satisfaction beyond excellence.

Our Services


IoT Telematics and Fleet Management

End to End IoT, Advanced Telematics and Fleet Management Solution for the over the road commercial trucking sector. Our solution is built in tight partnership with Microsoft and one of the first fully cloud native solution built on Microsoft Azure cloud.


Transport Network Company (TNC)

Zypps is our First and Last Mile Transport Mobility Marketplace Solution . The underlying technology serves all sectors of the ride sharing market with an optimized more efficient approach superior to the likes of Uber, Lyft and Via.


Long Haul Transport and Logistics

Long Distance Load Interchange (LDLI) allowing cross country deliveries to be done in 50% of the time and drivers spending more time at home. Our technology matches loaded trucks going in opposite directions over long distances allowing load interchange half way between pick up and drop off.


Technology Provider to the Transport Sector

Outsourced Technology Development and consulting to the transportation sector . We work with our customers to understand their transportation and logistics needs providing solutions to them through recommendations and consultative services.

Technology solutions covering the full spectrum of ground transportation

First Mile. Long Mile. Last Mile.


Tiemac Technologies, Inc is divided into two operations:.

  • Tiemac Is Tiemac Technologies, Inc brand that handles the long mile technology and services

  • Zyleck TechnologiesIs a majority own subsidiary of Tiemac Technologies, Inc and handles the first and last mile transport mobility services

No matter what (people or thing) you need to move from point A to point B and no matter the distance we can competitively provide you the connected technology and the operational marketplace platforms with end to end visibility to meet your transportation and logistics needs.


Tiemac CrewAccount

Tiemac CrewAccount is a fully integrated end to end IoT advanced telematics and fleet management solution for small, medium and enterprise commercial trucking companies. Our solution is built with the latest cloud based technology in partnership with Microsoft.


The Zypps solution was designed with solving the driver utilization problem in the transport network company model. The premise that leading transport network companies use for getting a vehicle/driver to a rider, within say, 5-10 minutes, is engineeringly flawed. This approach requires more vehicles/drivers than are needed in any given vicinity to the rider. Inherently there will always be more vehicles than needed on the platform. This is a costly, inequitable and inefficient model for a marketplace.


Our eCommerce platform to enable Small, Medium and Enterprise companies, primarily in developing nations, to get digitally onboard with an 'Amazon" like marketplace without having to incur the logistics and fulfillment cost for selling and delivering their products to their end customers.

Tiemac Logisitics

Using our own Tiemac CrewAccount solutions, our own fleet of commercial trucks and company employed fulltime drivers we provide long distance trucking operations with a set of market twists. On long hauls, we pair drivers on either end of the load origin and load destination such that drivers may exchange their loads midway along route to cut delivery times by as much as half and allow drives to return home in half the time.


One of the challenges with TNC marketplace solutions and eCommerce marketplace platforms in developing countries is the ability to provide inclusive services to the unbanked, underbanked and security conscious consumer bases. We help our partners overcome this challenge by providing an integrated payment solution as part of the Zypps platform.

Consulting and Management

We bring our expertise to hep our Small, Medium and Enterprise customers to understand and better manage their transportation, logistics, eCommerce infrastructure and operational needs.

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Tiemac Technologies

Tiemac Technologies, Inc was founded by Dr. Michael Treasure, whose Ph.D research work was commercialized to form the nucleus of the company's offerings.
Tiemac Technologies is about developing and applying cutting edge technologies to solve the transportation and operational logistic challenges of the first, long and last mile sectors in ground transportation sectors.
The focus of the technologies we bring to market is about applying the technologies to increase operational profitability through increased vehicle utilization, increased end to end visibility, reduced vehicle miles travels and cost inefficiencies reduction in transportation and logistics operations..


What Our Clients Say


"Our country and the world at large are experiencing profound transformational changes driven by technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Microsoft is proud to count TIEMAC as an agent of that transformation fully embracing our Azure Cloud and Office 365 technology strategy exploiting the full power of Microsoft’ platforms. Microsoft’s ecosystem relies on partners like TIEMAC to ensure a relationship where, together, we can have a meaningful impact in the transportation industry today and in the future."


"Professor Paul Gyles, vice president for research and graduate studies at Northern Caribbean University (NCU), said that the institution shared Zyleck’s mission to assist Jamaica in achieving Vision 2030. He indicated that NCU was “committed to jointly undertake the first full-scale applied research study of on-demand public bus and taxi services in the Caribbean"

Ministry of Transport and Mining (Jamaica)

"The Ministry of Transport and Mining embraces any effort aimed at improving mobility and connectivity in the safest most efficient manner, through the streamlining of the existing public transportation system. As such, Zyleck can be assured of my support to towards making the pilot transport initiative a success."

NBT Trucking

"Tiemac Logistic has proven to be a technology and operations supplier to our small fleet of trucks. Their vast experience in Fleet Management and their unique load interchange service allows us to maximize our profitability and utilization factor.."


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Minority Owned

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Latest Updates


Zypps is operational in Jamaica

The vehicle oversupply problem in the Uber TNC model creates perhaps at least one big problem. Owners (private individuals) who provide these vehicles on the Uber TNC model incur significant cost (direct and indirect) in miles and time driving around empty waiting for a passenger that the Uber TNC model is expected to provide....


Azure IoT Cloud Based Fleet Management Solution

Tiemac CrewAccount fleet management solution built entirely from Azure IoT products. True real-time data and alerts powered by Azure technology stack to optimize delivery routes, monitor performance, and respond to delays or issues as they happen to achieve greater security, efficiency, and peace of mind for your supply chain. Track connected vehicles, cargo such as pallets, parcels, and trolleys, and deliveries in-progress..

Need a more environmentally friendly and more efficient platform to Uber and Lyft? 

The environmental impact of businesses has become a subject of concern in recent years. Employing a more environmentally friendly and logistically more efficient ride scheduling platform for employees, customers and guest is a demonstration to your company's commitment to protecting the environment and providing a more equitable and sustainable payment structure for the gig economy..


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