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Creating greater efficiencies in vehicle deployment and utilization with end-to-end visibility in fleet operations

A unique combination of hardware, software and marketplace


CrewAccount IoT Telematics and Fleet Management

CrewAccount is an End-to-End IoT, Advanced Telematics and Fleet Management Solution that provides real time predictive analytics, data and business intelligence to measure, control and improve operational performance and profitability for carriers operating in the commercial over-the-road trucking sector. It is built in partnership with Microsoft.

Tiemac Long Distance Load Interchange Marketplace

Tiemac Long Distance Load Interchange Marketplace (TLDLIM) is built on CrewAccount and helps trucking operations to overcome regulatory imposed Hours of Service (HOS) limitations, time and distance constraints to revenue maximization. It allows carriers to complete long-haul deliveries in up to half the time providing for up to 50% increase in truck utilization within any given week.

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    The reality: ≈ 97% of all trucking companies are made up of 20 or less trucks in their fleets. These small trucking companies (carriers) lack size, scale, ability to combine efforts, capacity and resources and generally operate within the confines of large enterprises fleets. 
    The fragmentation problem: Small Carrier 1 dispatched by Swift-Knight (an enterprise fleet) on lane A to B lacks visibility of small Carrier 2 dispatched by Landstar (an enterprise fleet) for the opposite direction B to A on the same lane. This fragmentation, lack of lane visibility and lack of communication between the carriers limits optimization.  
    The solution: The combination of CrewAccount + TLDLIM allows for independent carriers to work seamlessly together to optimize lanes, exchanging loaded trailers midway along same lanes and returning to base in half the time while still maintaining the agreed upon respective tender rates. This addresses the fragmentation problem increasing truck utilization and profitability along lanes for each carrier. 


Why Us

  • Strong Partner eco System

    We have one of the strongest technology partners eco system in the transportation space with a global footprint. We bring to the table both operational experience and the technology acumen to successfully serve our customers' needs.

  • Integrated Services

    We provide the technology, platforms and an integrated operations for long haul transportation services, coupled with first and last mile mobility services.

  • Optimized Solution

    Our unique combination of hardware, software and a marketplace, enables dynamic independent carriers load relaying, allowing trucks from different carriers to meet up in real time along a given lane, swap loaded trailers, and return to point of origins. This decreases delivery times, increase revenue per weekly cycle, improves profitability, provides better quality of life for drivers and has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • First and only one to Market

    We are the first and only one to market with this suite of services. We have built the TLDLIM from the ground up starting with our own fleet of trucks. This enables us to seed the marketplace so that equilibrium between supply and demand is achieved and maintained on lanes in which we provide load pairing for carriers. We have relationships with almost all of the large enterprise operations to allow for easy integration.

TLDLIM will get products faster to shelves and more importantly improve the quality of lives for drivers

Relay over long miles makes sense

Technology solutions for ground transportation

First Mile. Long Mile. Last Mile.


Tiemac Technologies, Inc operates in two Industries.

  • Trucking Industry Long mile technology and services(Largely geared towards fleets of 50 or less trucks that make up approximately 98% of the entire trucking industry)

  • Mobility Transport Networks IndustryFirst and last mile transport mobility services(We deliver this as Zypps through our subsidiary Zyleck Technologies)

No matter what (people or things) you need to move from point A to point B and no matter the distance we provide the connected technology and the operational marketplace platforms with end-to-end visibility to optimize ground transportation and logistics needs.

Want to learn more?

Tiemac Technologies

Tiemac Technologies, Inc was founded by Dr. Michael Treasure, whose doctorial research work was commercialized to form part of the company's offerings.
Tiemac Technologies develops and applies cutting edge technologies to solve the transportation and operational logistic challenges of the first, long and last mile sectors in ground transportation. As a leading supply chain solutions provider, the technologies Tiemac brings to market helps to increase operational profitability through increased vehicle utilization, increased end to end visibility, reducing vehicle miles travelled and reducing costs in transportation and logistics operations.

> US$2B

freight value already moved in TLDLIM


Increase utlization


Increase in profitability

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